Actors And Their Sometimes Strange Personal Hygiene Habits

Actors And Their Sometimes Strange Personal Hygiene Habits


Just like millions of people who aren’t in the spotlight, celebrities have their personal hygiene hacks that help keep them confident and focused but not always clean. These habits may sound strange, but each person has their own traits, which help to mold them into unique individuals.

Just because celebrities are rich and can afford to spend top dollar to gain access to the most technologically advanced products on the market, it doesn’t mean that they always do. They are also intelligent, and realize that some of that stuff may do more harm than good.


Take Catherine Zeta-Jones for example: Instead of buying teeth whitening products that could cause you pain and eventually damage your teeth, she uses strawberries to maintain her white smile.

Katy Perry brushes her teeth six times a day, and she carries 20 toothbrushes around with her. The brushing six times a day thing is admirable, but why does she need 20 toothbrushes? Yes, one regular toothbrush takes up less space than an electric toothbrush set, but 20? They would take up more space than most of the combination electric toothbrushes and top waterpiks. She may be better off just getting multiple heads for an electric toothbrush to satisfy her habit.

With the ever-rising number of OCD individuals on the planet, products like instant hand sanitizer wipes and sprays are quite popular. However, Cameron Diaz doesn’t have time to whip these products out all the time. She habitually uses her elbows to open doors so that her hands remain germ-free. She will probably continue to do this for a while or at least until door handles that dispense hand sanitizer are the norm. This actress’ peculiar hygiene habits don’t end here. Her idea of going green is to wear an outfit for four days without washing it. Then she gets rid of it; hopefully it goes to Goodwill or something. She also hasn’t worn deodorant for 20 years.


salad for dietGood hygiene doesn’t just have to do with taking showers, reaching for the hand sanitizer every few minutes and keeping your teeth squeaky clean. It has to do with how clean your diet is and your level of alcohol consumption too. Rob Lowe recognized the ill affects of alcohol 23 years ago, and he has been clean ever since. His secret? He says: It works if you work it.

Gwyneth Paltrow has taken eating clean to the ultimate level. To her, eating clean means cutting out coffee, meat, sugar, processed foods, alcohol, wheat, soy, eggs and corn. That’s not all though. She only eats locally and seasonally. She is in the habit of following this strict diet for as long as three weeks at a time, and she does it a few times a year. However, there was a time when she was dealing with some serious health issues, and she ate like this all the time. To let people know what else there is to cook with and how you can make tasty meals when on this super clean diet, she published a cookbook.

Jessica Alba encourages her fans to eat clean too. She says eating organic, fresh, unprocessed, non-GMO foods will give you that beautiful glow that she is always sporting and will save you from the task of counting calories. She also uses all natural beauty products and mineral makeup.

Miranda Kerr encourages everyone to eat organic to keep unhealthy cravings at bay. She also swears by Noni juice, which she has been using since she was 13. Drinking it is supposed to beautify and soften the skin, and it strengthens the immune system.

While some of these actors’ habits seem a bit extreme, they allow them to reach the highest potentials of health, cleanliness and well being; and those of them with personal hygiene habits that don’t make sense just confirm that they are humans with flaws like everyone else, that they have OCD or they just don’t realize that there’s an easier way to do things.

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The Rise of Technology in Rifle Scopes

The Rise of Technology in Rifle Scopes

Rifle scopes are engineered to precision so that they fulfill one purpose, which is to make the marksman’s target smaller. Humans have had 176 years to perfect the rifle scope and there has been incredible headway made. The recent rifle scope review of the Nikon ProStaff Rimfire 2 enlightens the audience to the marvel that is the rifle scope of the 21st century. Crystal is created specifically for optic use with multiple coats of aluminum or silver that are vaporized onto the prisms so as to make them not entirely reflective so that marksmen have a clearer view of their target. Scopes are “O” rings, which are sealed tubes filled with nitrogen to help prevent fogging and make them more water resistant for longer periods of time.

Rifle scopes are made to endure adventurous hunts and stay more accurate than ever before utilizing the best in telescopic technology from some of the most reputable companies today. Your heart rate can slow and you can release that breath you have been holding as you squeeze the trigger, knowing for certain your shot will hit its mark, due to the precision engraved in the engineering of your scope. Now, in the age of big data, Nikon has revolutionized an industry it was already standing strong in by putting more power in the consumer’s hands. Spot On, which is an application for your smartphone designed by Nikon, helps the consumer to compare ballistic analysis for their specific weapon to their scopes so that the aiming points of the reticle align exactly with the yardage they are shooting. This is the closest thing to having a spotter telling you how many “clicks up” you need to aim to hit your target with long range shots.

There have been great leaps in technological advances in the last 176 years. There are optics to help with any situation, low light, no light, infrared, and advanced combat scenarios. There are several uses for a fire arm and technology has to stand its ground against the elements. In those tough situations, it is paramount that Nikon do its job and uphold standards that keep their marksmen shooting straight. Rifle scopes have come a long way sense their beginnings and so has marksmanship. So whether you own a Nikon at the lowest range of cost or one at the highest, you will be pleased with your purchase. An $1100 Nikon Monarch with illuminated reticles, 12x zoom, and an infinite amount of parallax may seem like a hit to the wallet, but it has a ton to offer. You will be able to rest assured in the technology that has been implemented in each shot you take. Your view will be optimized and your eyes will rest comfortably.

2017 marks Nikon’s 100th birthday. As a company, Nikon has brought the world a clear view of itself for nearly a century, and now they are extending usability to allow the hunter to bag a trophy for the wall. When you expect technology to live up to function, design, and durability, Nikon has the product you need.


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The Best Televisions of 2016

The Best Televisions of 2016

the best TV 2016Over the years we have seen drastic changes in televisions. My grandpa use to tell me about the days of him staring into a department store and watching the black and white television. They had terrible reception, some had to be hand cranked, and they were tiny. As the years went on they got bigger and more bulky. My first television was a 28” Sanyo that had no remote. Whenever I wanted to change the channel, I had to get up and push a button. Unless there are still televisions like those floating around, kids these days will never know what that was like. Today, they have the capabilities to get the internet on their televisions, which makes me question how far technology is really going to go with new televisions in 2016.

Ultra HD 4K- Panasonic TX-65CZ952

Just the name of the television sounds like something out of a Back To The Future movie and something that you aren’t going to easily be able to afford if you are just the average working man or woman. The Panasonic TX-65CZ952 has one of the best picture qualities that has ever been viewed by human eyes. For example, the 65-inch television has Freeview Hd, a 3840 x 2160 resolution, OLED technology, is curved, and tackles previous OLED issues. The price tag on this beauty, a whopping £8,000. If you have any interest in this television you may want to get it now because they aren’t expected to sell in large quantities.

Sony KD-75X9405C

The Sony KD-75X9405C is a television full of beautiful color and resolution. It has one of the best contrast performances in the wide world of LCD TV’s. This particular television offers an Android TV smart platform and network connections that support streaming from tablets, smartphones, bluetooth, NFC, and networked computers. You can also download apps, stream movies, and make use of the built-in 16GB of app storage. Although this television doesn’t feature every single app you could get on your android device, it does make your TV watching experience one to remember.


So far we have yet to see a television that isn’t a well known name, which is a good thing I suppose, which brings us to the next well known TV maker, LG. This television has incredible realism, perfect video quality, amazing colour, and a reflection-free curvature. The 4K detail of this television is clean and crisp with self-lighting pixels, which are said to be the future of television. The LG-55EG960V comes equipped with Freeview HD and FreeSat HD, OLED panel technology, webOS, a 3840 x 2160 screen resolution and an unaffordable price tag.

As I stated earlier, it is hard to tell how much further technology is going to go with televisions. For some reason, I can see our televisions just being holograms in our living room giving us a real life experience of being in the actual show. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the television companies come out with next.


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Saving on Your Cell Bill

Saving on Your Cell Bill

There are some months when we open our cell phone bills and about fall over because of the price that comes with it. Most people don’t even pay attention to what is in their bill and just pay the price they see. So, how do we know if we are getting ripped off or not if we don’t even look at all of the charges. Some cell phone companies charge random things to your account in hopes that you don’t notice, because most likely, you won’t. So, what can you do to save on your bill and avoid charges that you shouldn’t even be getting?

Weeding Out the Useless

First off, don’t bother buying insurance for your phone because there is a good chance that you aren’t even going to have to tap into it. Not to mention, if something does happen to your phone, you have to jump through hoops to even receive money. Second, forget about the roadside assistance. This is unnecessary and your cell phone plan probably already includes assistance of some kind. Not to mention, most credit cards offer roadside assistance to help when you need it, so if you already have one of those, you probably don’t need one for your phone too.

School & Employee Discounts

A lot of companies partner with phone providers to offer their employees a discount of some kind. Many medium and small businesses offer discounts, but you have to go looking for them because most of the time they don’t advertise the price cuts to their employees. Same with student discounts, they are there, but unadvertised. If you go to your human resources department, they can tell you if there are specific discounts available. These savings can drop your cost by 10 to 30 percent per month, once you find them.

Prepaid Is In

Remember back in the early 2000’s when cell phones became smaller and starting using minutes? People today are going back to that method because it cuts the hidden costs and fees. Prepaid plans vary and some charge a daily fee or only for the minutes you use. If you don’t use your phone for anything other than making the occasional phone call or sending the occasional text message, prepaid is the way to go. This can save you a lot of money in the long run. With a prepaid service, you won’t have the option for a fancy phone like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. You will get a plain phone with very little features, but what would you rather have? A simple phone that you pay the same amount for each month or a smart phone that you pay $150 or more a month for?

Ask for A Better Deal

Yes, it is that simple, ask for a better deal. If you are willing to do some haggling, you can definitely get a better rate. Cell phone companies will do just about anything to keep your loyalty, even if it means cutting your rates. Always ask for specials, upgrades and other discounts when you are talking to your phone companies customer service specialist. Your phone service is negotiable and flexible, you just have to know how to do it.

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Staying Energized At Work

Staying Energized At Work

We have all had those days where work just seems to dragon and you find yourself drifting off at your desk and not wanting to finish your work. You may have had a rough morning, feeling sleepy after lunch or hitting the two O’clock crash. It can be hard to stay upbeat and roaring to go, but reaching for another energy drink isn’t always your best option. The fact that you are not energized enough at work could result in bad performance, bad reviews, a harsh tongue lashing from your boss and even termination. There are many ways that you can stay energized at work and making it last throughout the day.

So, how is it that you stay energized at work? Well, studies have shown that taking a 20-minute walk can greatly increase energy. You get your blood moving, take a time out to just think about things other than work and it just overall increases your mood. If you are unable to take a walk, do some stretches at your desk or use the stairs rather than the elevator.

Using the stairs will get our blood pumping just as much as walking. This will give you a quick boost of energy to continue through the work day. Another option, and something that everyone should be doing anyway, is to drink water. If you are dehydrated, you are going to lose energy. Grab a cold water and drink. A helpful tip is to put a straw in your water to encourage drinking. Not only does water help, but snacking does as well, good snacking of course.

Good nights rest

Do not go for the candy bars, chips or anything of the sort. They will boost your energy, but only for a short time. If you want something that is going to boost your energy for long periods of time, try a healthy snack such as oranges, apples, yogurt or even dark chocolate. While snacking and drinking water, listen to some music. I have found that listening to music always helped boost my mood, especially when a song I really liked came on. Music cam be very calming and good for the soul. Keep the lyrics to a minimum though. If there are too many lyrics, it may distract you from your work. In between the snacking, music and water, take 20 seconds to stare off into space. Staring at a screen will make you tired if done for too long, it is also terrible for your eyes. Follow the 20-20-20 rule which is 20 feet away, for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes. This will give you a break from the computer screen to rest your brain and your eyes. Getting a good night of sleep is also helpful for feeling energized the next day, follow these tips for getting a good nights rest. Get a good routing going and shut down from the world for at least 6-8 hours.

Being at work for long periods of time is enough for anyone to lose energy. Drinking water, walking, healthy snacking, music and staring out into space will help you regain your energy to get your through that hectic work day. There is no better way to end your day than on a high and energized note.

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Hard Times As An Actor

Do you love television and technology as much as a lot of people do? Are you interested in learning about the cost of telecom in Canada? Check out our home page and see our blog. We’ll tell you all about why telecom in Canada is so high in cost. When the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission released their monitoring report from last year, the communications sector of the country was exposed. Each year, people in Canada are thrown a 3.2 percent increase on their cost of telecom services. Not only are telecom prices high, but it shows that Canada is a long way from seeing affordable rates on internet and mobile phone bills. This makes it seem like the Canadian population is being over charged for their telecom companies and being shown terrible customer service. You would think that if you are a paying customer, that they would want to satisfy you with a lower rate or at least not a rate that isn’t going to completely break your bank. We all knew that internet and cell phone usage was on the rise and it is showing that over the last few years, Canadians’ internet usage and online services has increased. As online activity increases, the cost will increase as well. These large telecom companies are taking advantage of those who are utilizing their internet and online services. As technology is advancing, there probably won’t be a drop in telecom prices anytime soon since more and more people are gaining access to the internet and online services. People use the internet to pay bills, shop, talk to friends, do homework and so much more. The more people use it, the more they are going to be charged so that the large telecom companies can make their money and continue to be greedy.FiberOptic


Many people have fallen on hard times because of the rise of telecom services. As an actor just starting out, it is hard to make ends meet. The internet is needed to find gigs and an apartment was needed near the area that the work is near. If you find yourself without furniture in the apartment yet, but can’t afford it until a part in a television show is awarded, consider saving up a few dollars and investing in an air mattress.  You aren’t going to want to wake up knowing that you have a huge audition and feeling groggy and stiff. An air mattress is the best source for sleeping on a budget. You can get a simple mattress that is just good enough to get you off of the hard ground or an air mattress that will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Either way, air mattresses can be utilized in more than one way. If you finally save enough money to buy a real bed, all you have to do is fold up the air mattress and store it for company or if you find yourself without a real bed again.


Technology definitely isn’t easy to pay for, especially when suppliers are charging an arm and a leg for you to use their services. For tips on how to save money on telecom costs, check out Hopefully this will help some of those who are struggling to pay their rising telecom bills.

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Canadian Telecom Costs So High

Canadian Telecom Costs So High


Despite the promises sent out by their government in order to improve greater affordability and choice, new reports claim that the Canadians are still being ripped off by the high costs of their subscription by the telecom giants.

Golden GrowthJust last year, CRTC, which is the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission has released its Communications Monitoring Report of last year, that provides information about the communications sector of the country. It has confirmed that the people of the country are hit with a yearly increase of at least 3.2 percent of the costs of their telecom services, even when the government has kept on promising to lower its prices. It also shows that the country itself still has a very long way to go when it comes to achieving affordable rates on the Internet and mobile phone. Canadians will have to endure and continue paying their high priced usage of their telecom service, not to mention that they have some of the worst data and that subscribing to a greater speed on the broadband Internet is a struggle. The more you upgrade, the more your monthly bills will highly increase along with it, too. However, a growing number of Canadians are going against the cost of the bills that soars higher than the skies, calling all other networks that they are opened to have more independent operations over their services.

canadiantvIt seems that the Canadians are being overcharged and not to mention, under-served by their telecom companies for several years, which is nowhere near the performance of service and costs of their global counterparts. The local economy and the citizens of Canada will suffer more in the following years if the three Big Conglomerates are in control of over 90 percent of the telecom services. It is high time that the decision makers of the country take a huge step forward and confront the dysfunctional and broken telecom market, by opening these markets in order for a new, innovative and affordable services can flourish well in the country.

The report further continues to show that the Canadians’ interest in using online services has increased over the past few years, the problem to it is that the costs for using such service has increased as well. It even gets worse when the telecom giants are just using this to their advantage, exploiting the data’s information on the increased usage of data as a way for them to gain dominance over the market. If you compare it with other countries’ user experience with the Internet, they have far more affordable and flexible plans because they are offered wider choices. Canadians are demanding this to stop.

logo-samengevoegd-klein-737358It is quite unimaginable that amongst the developed countries in the world, Canada is lagging far behind from them all. The high prices over the telecom service subscription is a direct result of how over 90 percent of the broken wireless industry is controlled by the only 3 Telecom conglomerates, and the local Canadians are left with nothing else but to subscribe from them, because they are left with no other options.

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