Hard Times As An Actor

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Do you love television and technology as much as a lot of people do? Are you interested in learning about the cost of telecom in Canada? Check out our home page and see our blog. We’ll tell you all about why telecom in Canada is so high in cost. When the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission released their monitoring report from last year, the communications sector of the country was exposed. Each year, people in Canada are thrown a 3.2 percent increase on their cost of telecom services. Not only are telecom prices high, but it shows that Canada is a long way from seeing affordable rates on internet and mobile phone bills. This makes it seem like the Canadian population is being over charged for their telecom companies and being shown terrible customer service. You would think that if you are a paying customer, that they would want to satisfy you with a lower rate or at least not a rate that isn’t going to completely break your bank. We all knew that internet and cell phone usage was on the rise and it is showing that over the last few years, Canadians’ internet usage and online services has increased. As online activity increases, the cost will increase as well. These large telecom companies are taking advantage of those who are utilizing their internet and online services. As technology is advancing, there probably won’t be a drop in telecom prices anytime soon since more and more people are gaining access to the internet and online services. People use the internet to pay bills, shop, talk to friends, do homework and so much more. The more people use it, the more they are going to be charged so that the large telecom companies can make their money and continue to be greedy.FiberOptic


Many people have fallen on hard times because of the rise of telecom services. As an actor just starting out, it is hard to make ends meet. The internet is needed to find gigs and an apartment was needed near the area that the work is near. If you find yourself without furniture in the apartment yet, but can’t afford it until a part in a television show is awarded, consider saving up a few dollars and investing in an air mattress.  You aren’t going to want to wake up knowing that you have a huge audition and feeling groggy and stiff. An air mattress is the best source for sleeping on a budget. You can get a simple mattress that is just good enough to get you off of the hard ground or an air mattress that will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Either way, air mattresses can be utilized in more than one way. If you finally save enough money to buy a real bed, all you have to do is fold up the air mattress and store it for company or if you find yourself without a real bed again.


Technology definitely isn’t easy to pay for, especially when suppliers are charging an arm and a leg for you to use their services. For tips on how to save money on telecom costs, check out http://www.limitlesstechnology.com/save-money-telecom-bills/. Hopefully this will help some of those who are struggling to pay their rising telecom bills.